Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

  • Routine maintenance can extend the life of your investment and lower the life cycle cost of your roof
  • Failure to maintain the roof may result in deterioration of the roofing system
  • Repairs for deterioration due to the lack of proper maintenance are not covered by guarantees
  • Extensive deterioration can result in guarantee cancellations


1. Maintain Records

  • Keep a file of all records relating to the roof; include:
    • Guarantee
    • Inspection Reports
    • Repairs and maintenance bills
    • Original construction drawings and specifications and invoices

2. Conduct Routine Inspections

  • At least twice per year-typically in the spring and fall
  • Use the Routine Inspection Checklist included with your Guarantee

3. Inspect After Severe Weather

  • Always inspect the roof for damage after heavy rain, hailstorms and high winds

4. Repair Correctly

  • All roof repairs must be performed by Master Roofing Contractors, including repairs for non-guaranteed conditions
  • Make repairs with the proper materials  for the type and quality of the roof installed

5. Keep Roof Clean And Debris Free

  • Always remove debris from roof, such as:
    • Leaves, branches, dirt, rocks, etc.
    • Debris and trash from other trades
    • Debris from other roofs
  • Keep gutters, downspouts, drains, scuppers, and the surrounding roof areas clean, to ensure proper drainage

6. Keep Metal In Good Condition

  • Examine all metal flashings, counter flashings, expansion joints and pitch pockets for:
    • Rust
    • Detachment or Damage
    • Deteriorated Sealant
  • Reattach loose metalwork, replace sealant as necessary; repair metal as necessary; and repair and paint any rusted metal

7. Keep Masonry In Good Condition

  • Examine masonry walls and copings for:
    • Cracks and bad mortar joints
    • Deteriorated sealant
    • Loose masonry/coping stones
    • Indications of water absorption
  • Repair all such conditions to prevent water infiltration

8. Maintain Rooftop Equipment

  • Examine rooftop equipment for any problems that may allow water infiltration-equipment can include:
    • Air conditioners, vents, ductwork
    • Equipment stands or screens
    • Skylights
    • Satellite dishes, antennae

9. Maintain Roof Coating

  • Examine protective coatings and recoat any cracked, flaked, blistered, or worn areas with a compatible coating

10. Minimize Rooftop Traffic

  • Minimize rooftop traffic by limiting access to necessary personnel only
  • Maintain a roof access log so that you can ascertain who has been on the roof in the event of damage to the roof from other trades