Although the bulk of Edge Roofing’s portfolio consists of large projects- industrial parks, residential developments, hospitals, commercial buildings, and apartments, we love all projects. Not just the big ones. Our customers are varied, from investment company portfolio managers, property management companies, hospitals and hospital management companies, to the smaller independent apartment building owners, and home owners.

The Courtyards/Tierra Palms

Edge Roofing, Inc. completed the re-roofs  at both The Courtyards and neighboring Tierra Palms Apartments. Both are massive, residential apartment complexes located  in Norwalk, CA.  Construction in smaller cities involves working with independent building and safety departments. Each city varies in its interpretations of the rules, and building inspectors always have their own way of doing things. Edge Roofing, as professional roofing contractors, works with city officials to our customer’s benefit.

Coordinating with the Norwalk Building and Safety Inspectors, they approved our custom specification roofing system designed to save our client’s money while delivering a better-than-standard warrantied, roof.

We used our own proprietary method  to design waterways and crickets, in order to create water flow on what were formerly hopelessly flat roofs; ones that used to have a lot of ponding water after it rained. Now, the roofs  have no ponding water areas and, because of our creativity, Edge Roofing was able to complete the job at half the price; delivering Title-24 Energy Star Rated Efficient, 12 year Modified Bitumen Torch Applied Roofing Systems with  manufacturer’s warranties that will last for more than 20 years.

Clients and City Officials Trust Edge Roofing. Call For Your Free Estimates!

Porto Bella

Porto Bella Apartments is a medium size apartment complex owned and operated by AMC Management Company in Los Angeles County. As a leading Los Angeles Roofing Contractor, Edge Roofing specializes in all kinds of roofing systems.Some of our clients prefer systems of their own choosing. Other times, we match you to the system that is right for you. While all roofing systems are unique and offer advantages and disadvantages, Edge Roofing is extremely skilled at matching roofing systems to your needs.

Centre Point

Centre Point was a unique project. Edge Roofing has worked on several buildings at this job site per year, constructing both complete re-roofs with deck re-sloping and roof repairs. Edge Roofing was selected because of our expertise in getting the job done, especially under difficult conditions. Although there were a number of non-ideal conditions, two in particular follow. First, none of the buildings could be crane loaded because of the high tension power lines, as pictured.

Edge Roofing contractors needed to hand load these buildings. It wasn’t an easy job, but we do hard work. Second, the roofs were built completely flat. Water just didn’t run off.  Edge Roofing was selected for the job because we know how to keep the water off the roof in an affordable way, this makes us really popular with our customers. We redesign the slope of the roof surface using a variety of methods, such as reframing the decking and building up with fiberboard.  If you have ponding/standing water issues, click on the contact button above and let us know how we can help you.

Friends In Christ

Edge Roofing was selected by Friends in Christ Church to replace the asphalt, shingle roofing system. We are pleased to offer special considerations to religious institutions- including flexible, interest free payments and other types of discounts and benefits. If you represent a religious organization please, contact us for your free estimate and you will know that Edge Roofing is the right choice for your institution.

DeOrio Medical Group

The DeOrio Medical Group, a medical office building in Santa Monica, underwent a renovation that included new roof installation. Edge Roofing was the roofing contractor selected for the job.

Sometimes urban work is problematic; especially since most of the taller buildings are fitted with cellular equipment that is often very hard and time consuming to move. Nevertheless, Edge Roofing coordinates with the cellular companies (AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint) who disconnect and move the equipment while the roof systems are installed underneath. Edge Roofing also builds custom flashings for the cellular equipment to properly waterproof and protect them and the roof correctly. The flashings are ChemCurb products and hold for the lifetime of the roofing system.

Edge Roofing installed a 20 year roofing system on the main medical office building. Specifically, a Title 24 Compliant, Energy Efficient, Double Torch roofing system consisting of two layers of Modified Bitumen roofing material,  heat welded by the torch application method. The other buildings were repaired and a 10 year energy efficient waterproof roof coating was applied. Whether you represent a Medical, Commercial, Industrial,  Residential, or Multi-family building in the Southern California area, Click the contact button above to contact Edge Roofing today. We are happy to provide you with free estimates!

San Dimas Hospital  

Like many of our hospital clients, San Dimas Hospital has been undergoing maintenance and reroofing work for quite some time.

Due to its age, size, and complexity, work has been ongoing for several years. We know that there are many roofing contractors and Edge Roofing appreciates and values all of its customers. We take pride in providing all of our clients with the best customer service possible, rain or shine. Edge Roofing has done extensive tile work at this job site. A standard repair involves taking off the tiles and replacing the underlayment (usually paper, which has since grown brittle and is decomposing) with something more durable for hospitals; in this case  2mm Modified Bitumen Smooth Layer ensures no leaking for a very long time. The tiles are then replaced after the underlayment is replaced.

Additional jobs included, replacing the hot mopped flats with an OSHPD Compliant, Double Torch Modified Bitumen roofing system, as well as various other repairs. Contact us for our extensive list of Hospital References and request a Free Estimate-we can help you!

Ontario Radisson Hotel

The Ontario Radisson Hotel underwent a multi-million dollar renovation project and contracted Edge Roofing to install the new, 20 year warrantied, TPO Membrane roofing system. Edge Roofing coordinated the permits and inspection procedures and installed the roof in phases, as work was completed during a rainy, winter season.

On the left side of the photo, you can see our sectional work. This picture was taken after the right half of the work area had been covered by the new TPO roofing system, and installation of the second half, left section, was in progress. On the right, you can see the roof is almost complete, other than the finishing details.  

For Edge Roofing, complicated roof equipment is no problem. Our comprehensive roof application methodology protects your roof from leaks and other problems during and after installation. We protect your asset to prevent the types of problems that happen when mother nature takes over. Whether you are a hotel manager, property manager, maintenance professional, or simply interested in talking about any roofing issues, Edge Roofing will make your life easier and we are at your service.

City of Hope

Edge Roofing has been involved in dozens of projects at the City of Hope, in Duarte, California. We have installed virtually every type of roofing system on the City of Hope campus including, NDA (No Dollar Limit) warranty work. Our experienced management team and skilled crews are well-versed in and produce  according to OSHPD specifications. If you are responsible for a construction project at a hospital, hiring a contractor that is inexperienced with OSHPD Compliance will definitely create headaches.

Edge Roofing’s expertise with and experience in hospital construction will instill peace of mind as you will have an experienced partner to help you and take the load off your shoulders. We produce quality results for you. George Garza is the director of Edge Roofing’s, Hospital division. He is an expert in OSHPD compliance-so you don’t have to be. We  invite you to contact us to learn how Edge Roofing, OSHPD-Compliant Contractors, can help you and your team carry out your important hospital roofing maintenance and re-construction projects.